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Here is a list of links to the websites of some people (most of them I can call a friend) that I know

Callista's Hompage  This is my old, pretty much defunct, homepage, for those nostalgic for the junior high days.
LilBluBoi's Homepage  This is my lil' bro's homepage. It hasn't been updated in a while so it still says "Depressing One's Homepage".  I guess procrastination is genetic.
Daala's Star Wars Web Page  A good friend of mine made this page. Last I heard it ain't finished either, but it sure looks  cool.  She has decent web software of course.
Infinite Improbability Another good friend of mine. A really spiffy site! 
Devdoot Majumdar's Web Site  Lots of school related stuff here.
Clare de Lune's Non Sequiturs This one works last I checked. At least it's not pastel like it used to be. Warning! She quotes Microsoft once.
Michael's Homepage  One of those mean...sophomores
Jesse Ruderman's Web Page
Data's Star Trek Wav Page
Kanako's Home Page
Voria Game Works My friend Bugg (aka Darco et al.) runs this. I have no idea what it is.
LilliAngel's Lair One of my brother's friends, nice kid, really.
SteveSmith Online A scary thought isn't it?

Last Updated 8 September 1999